Websites for dog breeders

Help potential puppy owners find puppies bred with love and care


Showcase your dogs and puppies to committed potential owners looking to give a puppy it's forever loving home

We understand the importance for you as a dog breeder to find the most suitable forever homes for your very special puppies. We also understand that searching for a puppy to join a family is an exciting time, but can be overwhelming with all the things there are to consider.
Your dog breeder website can help give people the information they are looking for in order to start the process of deciding which puppy would be most suitable for their lifestyle. Giving people as much information as possible before they come to visit you can help ensure your breeder / puppy owner relationship gets the best start possible.

A well designed website can help with:

Giving puppy searchers confidence that you are a responsible, dedicated breeder 
Demonstrating the quality and type of puppies you breed (Show vs. Working vs. Pet) 
Providing puppy searchers with in depth breed specific information they may not have considered 
Managing puppy waiting lists and communicating when your next litter is due
Displaying pedigree details and photos of puppies and their parents
Communicating the progress of a litter week by week to a puppy's new family
Helping people find you as a breeder, and see where you are based
Our options for your own website with your own domain name (for example start from £195 and we can be up and running within a few days, depending on how many pages you would like. We also run a site called which allows reputable breeders to have a single webpage hosted on our site for free, and is designed for smaller, hobby breeders that may only breed litters once a year or less.
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